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author img 3.8.2017
by Bob Kocher, MD

Virta Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes for Many

In medical school, we committed thousands of pages of medical textbooks to memory about diseases and how to treat them. Like generations of doctors, I memorized that Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease where the goal is to slow progression. That there is no cure or way to reverse it. That for most

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by Venrock

Running Through Walls: The Doctor is Online

Hill Ferguson joined Doctor on Demand as CEO in 2016. Venrock’s Bob Kocher talks to Ferguson about his first day on the job and hallmarks of a successful founder to CEO transition, including the delicate balance of fixing problems while preserving what’s already great with the company. Ferguson

author img 2.1.2017
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Talk About (Your) Mistakes

Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer at GoDaddy, has thrived professionally at both large companies and startups, something Brian Ascher of Venrock notes is unusual during this interview. Aldrich shares lessons startups can learn from more established companies and vice versa, noting that startups

author img 1.25.2017
by Bryan Roberts

The Anticipation of a Journey

We closed Venrock 8 today. It is a(nother) $450 million fund which feels, for us, a bit like the littlest bear’s bowl of porridge—not too big and not too small, but just about right. We expect to follow a similar strategy as we have for the last several funds—finding great people addressing su

author img 1.18.2017
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Apple Intern to Entrepreneur

Matt Rogers, co-founder of Nest, started his career as an intern at Apple and it was during that first week on the job when he met his co-founder Tony Fadell. While speaking with David Pakman of Venrock, Rogers talks about stretching people to help them grow, why he and Fadell chose to reinvent the

author img 1.10.2017
by Alon Bonder

Five Lessons From The +$15B Virtual Goods Economy

While it’s tempting to dismiss virtual goods as a niche product category limited to online role-playing games or emoji “stickers,” the impact of this market is actually much bigger than you might think. Dating back to the earliest social networks, virtual goods have played a critical role in

author img 1.4.2017
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Fail Quickly

Founded as Microbia to explore and develop antifungal and antibacterial drugs, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals now has two drugs on the market helping patients with IBS and Gout. After nearly 20 years and many different approaches and targets, founder and CEO Peter Hecht tells Venrock’s Bryan Roberts tha

author img 12.21.2016
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Priority One: People Matters

Gio Colella, co-founder of RelayHealth and Castlight Health, speaks with Bryan Roberts at Venrock about starting companies and the importance of surrounding yourself with amazing people. Colella advises other entrepreneurs to find partners you can trust, who are very different from you, and who are

author img 12.15.2016
by Richard Kerby

Amino’s Next Phase

Last year, we announced our Series A investment in Amino, a network of mobile-only communities focused on passion and interest verticals. The team has done a great job executing on the first phase of the business, which was to create standalone apps for communities. The communities range from large

author img 12.15.2016
by David Pakman

The Future Of Mobile Communities at Amino

Last September, we were excited to announce our investment in Amino, a network of mobile-only communities focused on passion verticals. The company has made some great progress since then and today is announcing a new Series B fundraising and revealing updated metrics. Amino’s belief, led by

author img 12.7.2016
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Data Driven Healthcare

Farzad Mostashari, founder and CEO of Aledade, speaks with Bob Kocher at Venrock about bringing a data-driven approach to solving problems and the importance of knowing the question you want to answer, so you can apply the appropriate analysis. Mostashari, who went to medical school, knew quickly th

author img 11.23.2016
by Venrock

Running Through Walls: Building A Cancer Killer

Sam Mazin, Founder and CEO of RefleXion Medical, speaks with Colin Cahill at Venrock about managing a big project with a lean budget, raising money, and communicating an evolving and complex vision. They explore the evolution of RefleXion’s addressable market as clinical data showed better results